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Ruian City Luzhou Machinery Co., Ltd.

  1. ADD: No.25, Linyang Industrial Area, Feiyun Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province,China
  2. P.C.:325207
  3. TEL: 0086-577-65595131(Export Department) , 65591165
  4. Cell Phone: 0086-13588901985 (Sell Manager)
  5. Fax: 0086-577-65590638(Export Department)
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Iran Agent'

  • Saba Machine Co
  • Address : No41 , Korosh Bullding, Janat Abad , Tehran , Iran

Ruian International Hotel:

Superiorly located in the centre of the Anyang District, the Ruian International Hotel, a 4-star deluxe commercial hotel and Provincial Green Hotel, towers 25 stories, 93 meters above the ground to be the symbolic building of the city. With great transporta-tion convenience, the Wenzhou airport and train station are all within 1 hour’s drive.......Book Rooms
Note:When you book the room, You should ask for the discount....If you go with us,We can get about 65%discount


You can firstly fly to Shanghai International Airport, there are two Airports in Shanghai: Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport....Book Tickets

Then fly from Shanghai To Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport, It is about an hour fly...View the Web(no English)

After you arrive the Wenzhou Airport, you can take a taxi to Ruian City(it is about an hour drive, and the cost is about RMB100---RMB120)....Wenzhou Airport Located: About half an hour from Airport to Wenzhou City(by bus or taxi), About an hour drive to Ruian City.

If you can tell us the flight number and the time from Shanghai to Wenzhou, we can pick you up at the Wenzhou Airport.

You Can Print the following image to show the Taxi Driver . The image web-add is:

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