• In PE-coated Sina China ... Hardcover.

    In PE-coated Sina China ... Hardcover.

    Offering Single PE and Double PE coated Paper:The Paper used for making paper cups(bowls,bucket) are PE Film Coated Paper.. Ningbo Haishu Maijili Paper Industry Trade Co., Ltd : supply single PE coated paper and double PE coated paper , and also offer the service of pre...
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  • Ratio commutationem Moulds

    Ratio commutationem Moulds

    Dando Moulds: facile mutari formas diversas charta pocula magnitudinum. In sulum apparatus, nos mos install una magnitudine ad fingunt requiritur, si vis ad producendum magnitudinum magis in una machina, oportet te possis mutare, Dando A. omnis formae, partes: cum juri cedebat, nisi calicibus instructior? ...
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  • Moulds in principum partium numero ac machinis

    Moulds in principum partium numero ac machinis

    Description : The following are the descriptions about the above image : "01" : the cup-fan-wall sheets input place , The Printed side under , "02" : the cup-side sealing head ( there are heater "02-2" and ultrasonic header "02-1") , ...
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  • Firmati inter charta pocula aquam

    Firmati inter charta pocula aquam

    The Flow in Paper Cup/Bowl/Bucket Forming/Shaping Machines: Explain: From the above picture,you can learn that the flow of making paper cup/bowl/bucket are : Feed the pre-printed and pre-cutted cup-fan-wall sheet papet to the entrance ; The same time feed the rolling cup-bottom paper The cup-...
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  • Tota deinde [est processus, a rudis charta complevit charta pocula]

    Tota deinde [est processus, a rudis charta complevit charta pocula]

    Whole Line/process from raw paper to finished paper Cups|Bowls|Buckets: Explain: From the above image,you can know that the whole line include the following process: 1.PE Coating : Use PE-Coating Machine Coating PE film on raw white paper; Coatin...
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  • Terminology Name: Edissere

    Terminology Name: Edissere

    General Name: PE : Polyethylene , PE Coating Weight: 1square meter coated PE film weight, 12—20 gsm, PE Coated Paper Weight: 1square meter paper weight + PE Coating Weight , 150 gsm —-600gsm. Paper Cup Sizes: We call 9oz cups, 12oz cups, 16oz cups, 20oz cup(bowls),So the cup’s...
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  • Tempus prima Visit Auxilium

    Tempus prima Visit Auxilium

    Informations about paper cup business invest : Are you NEW in paper cup business ? Please take your time to read the following informations : Before Paper Cup Business . You should Learn : ...
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  • Opercula charta pocula (Cover) In Sina China

    Paper Cups Lids Supplier In China Offering Paper Cups Lids For Hot or Cold Drinks, Weini Enterprise is consist of Taizhou Weini Plastic & Mould Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Weini Industrial Co., Ltd., : offering paper cup cover, paper cups lids,Plastic Cups Lids ZIBO BAFANGYUANPACKAGING CO; LTD :...
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  • Printing in Sina China velit

    Printing Machines / Offset printer, Flexo printer Printing Machinery Suppliers in China: Weifang Donghang Precision Machine Co., Ltd : offering many types offset printer and flexo printers, Fax: 86-536-8898707 Tel: 86-536-8898701,8898702,8898703,8898705,8898710 E-Mail: Bei...
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  • Material Info ... rudis charta.

    Et rudis materiae (PE-coated charta informacionibus) Filtered amet charta adhibetur, ut dishwares: et hoc est quod unpoisonous PVC charta, cruore perfunditur super charta superficiem unam partem aut duo, sed gravitas percolantur amet charta habitus est secundum ponderum unitatis PVC membrana dignitatis addidit XVIII gsm PA ...
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  • ... Corollarium Equipment

    Corollarium apparatu et suppleret erat tribus operantes procedendi quod charta calicem, charta alvum factum est a rudis et processionaliter materiae (paper) mercari (faciebat charta calicem, charta alvum) printing, fingunt planta processerint, alteram coronam auream, et hoc modo accipit duo processionaliter a charta cibus buxum, fingunt planta processerint, alteram coronam auream. P ...
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  • Market and Future faciens in charta pocula (charta sphærulæ igitur, charta situla ejus, scripta charta prandium) ...

    Market Foreground / Future and Market in making paper cups The most vatality green dishwares and kitchenwares in 21st Century are paper cups, paper bowls and paper snack boxes. Since the paper dishware came out, it has been used widely in developed countries and regions such as America, Europe, ...
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