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Informations about paper cup business invest :

Are you NEW in paper cup business ? Please take your time to read the following informations :

Before Paper Cup Business . You should Learn :

The material

  • The Material : Single(one) Side PE Coated Paper , Double(two) Sides PE Coated Paper .
  • PE coated : Polyethylene film coated
  • Single side PE coated paper : only one side of the paper coated with PE film (appearance: inside of the cup is smooth and bright)
  • Double Sides PE Coated Paper : Both of the two sides are coated with PE film (both of the cup sides are smooth)
  • Paper Weight : Unit gsm, gram per square meter . 200 gsm paper mean 1 square meter paper weigh 200 gram.
  • PE Coating Weight : 1 square meter coated PE film weight, 12---24 gsm,
  • PE Coated Paper Weight : single side PE coated paper weight (raw paper weight + PE coating weight) ; Double sides PE coated paper weight (inside PE coating weight + paper weight + outside PE coating weight)

Paper Cups Name :

  • Name against the material: Single side PE coated paper cups, double sides PE coated paper cups
  • Name against the size : 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 22oz, 24oz, 32oz, ... etc. {OZ : Ounce . It is a weight unit. 1oz = 28.34 g , that means 1oz equal 28.34 ml water weight(1oz cup capacity is 28.34ml).}WE name 3--18oz paper cup, 20--60oz paper bowl , 60---200oz paper bucket , Also Higher Paper Cup (cup higher than 130mm, but the bottom is under 75mm)
  • Name against the usage : Hot drinks cup(coffee cup, tea cup) ; Cold drinks cup(coca-cola cup, beer cup ), Ice-cream cup ;
  • Remark : for hot drinks and ice-cream can use single PE cup and double PE cup ; for cold drinks best use double PE cup,

Prepare paper cup business :

  • Study the market ,
  • to learn which size(oz) cup and what kind(cold or hot, single or double) of cup are popular ,
    This will help you to Decide your own standard cup (size, measure....), the material (single or double PE paper),
    help you select the machine (the following will mention)
  • To learn how many cups can be sold per day (per month ), decide how many machines is best for you.
  • Learn the process of making paper cups ...... reference this link ......The whole line process ...This link
  • Learn the cost of make paper cups .... Please refence this link

Before Making Paper Cups :

  • Buy PE Coated Paper(single or double) from the suppliers : the paper suppliers will slit the paper to sheet(for cup-side body use) or rolling(for cup bottom use) (size according to your requirement)
    China Paper suppliers list ....>>>>>>Click to Learn
    Buy What size sheet paper and rolling paper ?..... Reference This Link
  • Pre Printing on paper : Choose offset printer to finish this step, you can buy a machine to finish it , or let it done out-serve .
    Some paper supplier offer the pre printing serve or the printing company can deal with.
  • Pre cut : use MLCB930 Creasing and Cutting Machine to cut the printed sheet paper to cup-fan-wall shape .

Making Paper Cups :

Learn the machine work :

Select the machines model : LBZ-LA & LBZ-LB Paper Cup Machine, or LBZ-LC & LBZ-LD Paper Bowl Machine, Or Paper Bucket Machine
How to choose the machines ?

Against the size

  • THe LBZ-LA & LBZ-LB produce paper cup size limit......Click this link
  • Make higher paper cups (higher than 130mm, bottom up to 75mm), use LBZ-LT model
  • THe LBZ-LC & LBZ-LD produce paper bowl size limit......Click this link
  • THe LBZ-LE produce paper bucket size limit......Click this link

Against the usage and material :

  • Only make single side PE coated paper cups for hot drinks or ice-cream,Use LBZ-LA Single Side PE Coated Paper Cup Machine
  • Want to make both single and double PE coated paper cups for hot and cold and ice-cream ,Use LBZ-LB Double Sides PE Coated Paper Cup Machine

Sell paper cups :

  • Different area and country, the market different.
  • The following is China market, just for your reference:
    A. Market Cups, the cups just sold on the supermarket for the life usage. This kind of cups, you can use a little lighter paper 180 gsm to 250 gsm , (the more quatity the more profit ).
    B. Advertise Cups, the cups are printed with other companies logo (address, name, . To make Ad. cups or high quality cups, you should choose the paper from 220 gsm to .....(small quatity but higher profit for each)

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